Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer = Redfish

It wouldn't be summer without Redfish Lake! It's pretty neat to be at a point that I'm helping my own kids grow to love this place that I grew up in and love so much myself. Lots of changes around this year, but good memories and good times regardless! Stephen got in some decent fishing and I got in an awesome ski run. Love ths place.

Our cute boy in Mom's sunglasses. Whenever he has sunglasses on he looks around and does a cheesy grin- he is the coolest thing ever you know. :)

Love this one with grandpa.

Playing with sand toys with Quincy. She was so adorable and they played pretty well together this time. This pic makes me smile- love them.

Cooper could hardly get enough of playing in the fountain near our campsite. So curious and happy. :)


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