Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football and Family

Friday night we traveled to Pocatello- we do a lot of that obviously :)- to spend some time with the boys and watch Taron's football game on Saturday morning. While the boys have been in football, on the weekends we would have them, we spend in Pocatello with Stephen's family instead. We all had shirts to support Taron's team (Taron loaned his to Cooper) :) and took this fun family pic of us all in orange!

On Monday evening we were again in Pocatello for Keaton's flag football game. He does a great job playing hard- his team utilizes him a lot! I was bummed not to have gotten any pictures at Keaton's game, but he does have several more, so we'll get some sooner than later!

Truth be told, we'd probably rather be doing something of our own free will with the boys rather than tied to the schedule of a team sport, but we also have to admit that it's been pretty cool to see them enjoying being part of a team. Football and soccer games are obviously the heartbeat of Pocatello weekends, so they would feel left out if they weren't involved too. They both try hard and are grateful to the people that come to support them- they are such good dudes!

Listening to the coach before heading in to play.

I wanted to make sure and get some pics afterwards and Taron specifically requested one with just him and Dad. :)

Three of my favorite dudes ever!

Grandma Sally and Stephen's mom, Janie, watching from the sideline. Pretty cool of them to come support. Stephen trying to contain Cooper- the games are definitely a tag team event!


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