Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conference and Flying

Whenever Cooper goes outside, he turns and gives me a kiss (this is his puckered lips) through the screen, then waves bye-bye. He melts my heart. :)

This weekend was pretty much all about conference. We were happy to have both the boys at home. They are awesome with Cooper and he loves having them here. They all got outside to play between sessions and hung around the house too. They each had a Conference Booklet that I printed off and worked on it during the sessions- kind of a fun way to keep them focused.

Like I knew I would be, I was regenerated by conference. Stephen and I both loved Elder Holland's talk. I actually thought we would hear them be more urgent and serious, but it seemed like the message was rather of hope and faith. I'm too often pessimistic and feel strengthened to be more positive and faithful.

This is Taron's jack train that he made Saturday morning. Pretty creative. It's fun taking pics of the little accomplishments that show who they are. :)

On Sunday, our friends Jackson and Trish came over with thier kids, Jacks and Ceci. They all played Conference Bingo during the morning session and then we had a yummy brunch in between. Thanks to Jackson, we've decided grits are a new breakfast favorite. :)

Last night Cooper and I actually joined Stephen on his flight with the birds. He drives out in the field across from our house to fly his two birds, so it's not too far or long. Cooper loves anything to do with the birds and says "bur" constantly! Love this pic- he's looking up at his Daddy like he hung the moon.


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