Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party Weekend

This weekend Stephen and I went to a really fun Halloween party at our friends Jackson and Trish Whitehurst's house. They had blacklights and all kinds of spooky decorations- it was really a great time! We dressed up as Jack and Jill- Stephen had a huge, gross gash in his head and I had bruises all over :) It was fun to have a few hours with friends and meet some fun new people from Jerome too. I copied these pics from Trish's blog- I intended to do better taking some myself, but it got hectic trying to get ourselves there- thanks Trish for taking some of everyone! And thanks for a great time!

Jack and Jill after the fall :)

Jackson and Trish as haunted dead people- they really looked scary in the blacklights! As you walked up thier steps to come inside, there was a pile of guts- and they were real! From Jackson's duck hunting that morning- ew! :)
Now we are anxious to have the boys with us for trick or treating this weekend. They both picked out what they wanted to be and we gathered stuff for thier costumes last week. We've never had them for Halloween before, so we're excited! Have a great Halloween all... :)


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