Friday, October 3, 2008

Ten Random Thoughts

1) This last week I had somewhat of an epiphany about food storage. I've always pictured in my head that we'd need to use our storage in the instance of a natural disaster. But I've decided we might just need it for the times that there's still food on the shelves at the store and it's all too overpriced to afford. When our income will never be enough for what we need- that may be why we need to be prepared.

2) Taron and Keaton are such good big brothers. They are so helpful with Cooper and I love watching them with him. Tonight Keaton did show Cooper how to pick his nose with his thumb though... :)

3) I love the feeling of making dinner. I know that sounds dumb since it's a task that can get really old, but I still get a little zing of pride when we all sit down to eat a meal that I put some thought and effort into.

4) I love If you are a church teacher or parent, this is an awesome website! It has really improved my Young Women lessons. :)

5) This year for Christmas my family drew names and decided that the gifts had to be homeade. I've been thinking about what to make ever since.

6) Brothers can be horrible to each other. Today Keaton and Taron had a bout of literally trying to hurt one another in a fight. Then on the other hand, I know that they are each other's best friend. So true that the ones you love are the ones you have the ability to hurt the most.

7) I miss scrapbooking. I never get to sit down and scrap anymore with Cooper in the picture. Not to say I would trade it for anything, but I have ideas and projects in my head and even all the pieces just waiting to be put together, but it's impossible with Cooper insisting that what I'm doing is the funnest thing in the house at that moment.

8) I really like our ward. This last week I actually went to enrichment for the first time in forever and it was really a good time. I usually have too much social anxiety to let myself dive into things, but I really enjoy those times that I do.

9) I have a hard time with the fact that our school here has all day kindergarten. Not too long ago it occurred to me that my kids will spend more time over the course of thier lives with someone else than they will with us. Made my heart sad and made me want to prepare to home school (not anytime soon, obviously).

10) I'm excited for Conference tomorrow and Sunday. I really want to hear what our General Authorities will say in light of where things are economically right now. I remember how comforted I felt by President Hinckley right after 9/11 and know that I will feel that way again this weekend. Happy Conference watching all!


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