Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Halloween Fun

We were so excited to have the boys for Halloween- they've never gotten to be with us for trick or treating before! It was great to see how much they loved thier costumes- they both told me what they wanted to be two weeks before. This year we went with our good friends the Gardners to the neighborhood thier Grandma lives in Kimberly. So many people had great decorations and there were tons of families out trick or treating- it was Halloween night like I've never experienced before, having grown up in the country where Halloween meant going to a few houses in the ward that were five to ten minutes apart and then to my Grandma Karen's for popcron balls. Anyhow... here's our spooky dudes.

Oops- these uploaded backwards, but oh well... Cooper as a farmer. He's looking up at his brothers trick or treating- he loved following them around all night. He was a huge hit- everyone just gushed over how cute he was! His costume was easy, but he was comfortable!

He was so excited about his own candy stash! He loves hauling around this funy little tote and wouldn't let go of it all night. The only candy he really cares about are the suckers, thank goodness! (I don't know if it shows too well, but Taron had given him a kiss on the way to Kimberly and it rubbed black paint on his nose. I left it because it looked like dirt, which only added to the costume!)

Vampire Keaton! His bloody mouth looked really cool. A girl that passed by him on the street while we were trick or treating said to one of her friends "he's cute." :) Keaton was so thrilled! Makes me smile. A pretty cute vampire indeed.

Skeleton Taron. In early October, he called me at work and told me about this costume he had seen and that he wanted to be a skeleton and wanted to wear a hood and gloves. So fun! His face paint really looked cool- he loved that it glowed in the dark! It doesn't look like it, but he really is smiling in this picture!

Our spooky dudes. Both of them trying not to smile so they look scary! :) They practiced saying "trick or treat" in scary voices on our drive. Thanks boys for a great Halloween! Kids make everything more fun!


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