Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

We had an awesome Christmas Day with the boys and ended up being snowed in! We had planned to drive to Pocatello after breakfast, but with the roads closed, we stayed home and just hung out and enjoyed each other. We were bummed not to be with extended family, but it was a great day!
Cooper on Christmas morning- I loved this moment! The joy on his face makes all of the preparation worth it. He just played and played all day long. His balloons were probably his favorite of everything!
Keaton and Taron going through thier stockings and stuff. This was before they opened their helmets and ran out to the garage to see the real present!

On the new go cart... woo hoo! They both braved the snow and wind to give it a whirl outside. They had a blast and no doubt there are lots more good times to come on this thing.

All four boys outside. I bundled him up and Stephen took Cooper for a spin too- he loved it! We were so glad the boys had fun and were grateful for their gifts. An awesome Christmas Day!


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