Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now That the Whole Ward Knows...

... I guess we'll go ahead and post to our blog... we're expecting!! This last Sunday, Stephen bore his testimony in our ward and announced as part of it that we were having another baby! Needless to say, my eyes got huge and my face bright red! It felt like everyone turned to look at me and laugh as he quickly confessed "I'm not sure I was supposed to say anything." What a funny little story to tell this kid! Nothing like shouting the news from the pulpit... :) I am grateful that he's so proud though. :)

Anyhow, this baby will join our world mid to late August and mark the completion of our family. We're excited, and worried, and excited. :) Having diabetes makes my pregnancies worrisome and diligent. Lots of time in the doctor's office, lots of blood testing and lots of praying. We pray that it goes similar to before, which was trying but also very blessed. No matter what, we know that this child was meant to join our family at this particular time and are looking forward to the joy it will bring!

Last week we got to have our first ultrasound and that is always amazing and reassuring. When they bring up the 3D pictures, it just takes our breath away! The baby moved around really well and it's little heart was beating away- we walked away reassured and in awe. We are so blessed. And life is miraculous.


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