Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Today is Stephen's Birthday (also happens to be the first day of spring- woohoo!) and we are planning a fun little BBQ dinner, with German Choclate cake. :) I liked what our friend Trish did for her husband Jackson, so I'm going to copy her idea too- he's turning 38, so here are 38 things I love about Stephen:

1) He is an amazing Dad, loves to wrestle with and love on his kids

2) He is always making me (and everyone else) laugh

3) He is a country boy and outdoorsman

4) He recommends what I should make for dinner so I don't have to do that part!

5) He is okay with our little boy sleeping between us almost every night

6) He is sensitive and will cry even though he's a guy

7) I know that he never intends to hurt me and tries hard not to

8) He is great at making the best of things

9) He will do whatever it takes to support his family and make ends meet

10) He is never lazy- he usually has lots of energy and gets things done

11) He has beautiful, steel blue eyes

12) He is very complimentary and good at making me feel beautiful

13) He enjoys being with his extended family

14) He enjoys being with my family too

15) He is a social butterfly and helps me to be better that way too

16) He likes evenings at home relaxing

17) He also is most always up for making plans and doing something fun

18) He is okay with my weaknesses and wierdisms

19) He is strong and supportive with spiritual things and fills his callings well

20) He helps me to make Family Home Evening with Cooper a priority

21) He loves having Cooper tag along beside him outside

22) He is a firm disciplinarian when he has to be and I appreciate that

23) He is a safe driver and good to go slow in the snow

24) He is almost unceasingly optimistic and I need that lots of times

25) He has a great memory

26) He's willing to try things he doesn't like again for my sake

27) He makes time for me to do the things I want to whenever I ask

28) He comes back to be on the beach with me at Redfish even though I know he'd rather fish

29) He keeps track of the time he spends on his hobbies and puts his family first

30) He makes me feel forever young

31) He is great at making and keeping friends

32) He is very genuine, but can also be a salesman when he needs to be

33) He is also hoping our baby is a girl, even though I know that scares him

34) He listens to me read Ensign articles out loud in the car

35) He is a great kisser

36) He has a superb singing voice and isn't afraid to use it

37) He is honest, even in regards to himself

38) He is my best friend

Happy Birthday Babe- I love you and hope today and this next year is great! I know we will make it that way! :)


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