Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Easter Party

Every year my mom's side of our family gets together on Easter Saturday for swimming, potluck and a huge egg hunt. It's fun to see cousins and family that now have thier own families. This year Taron and Keaton got to join us for the fun and they were totally beat by the end of the day. Together our three boys seemed to have enough candy to last until Halloween! I love traditions like this that never seem to change- good times. :)

Cooper finding an egg. He was actually more interested in playing on my Aunt and Uncle's toy tractor than finding eggs, so we coaxed him along the whole time. Taron and Keaton were rushing everywhere and we didn't even get any pictures of them! No wonder they had so much loot!

Cooper and my little niece Quincy. Playing and finding at the same time :)

My youngest sister Cyndel in her hottie prom sunglasses. Cooper and Quincy both call her "sis" (I don't even think they would know her real name) and she is awesome with them! Always fun to see this fun girl.


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