Friday, May 22, 2009

Chubby Cheeks Already!

This week we got to have both a fetal echo to take an in depth look at the baby's heart and a normal ultrasound. The echo indicated that all looks great with the baby's heart- nice to ease that worry at least!

The ultrasound showed that things are measuring totally average- I was glad to know that this baby isn't bigger than normal, at least yet! I love that he looks like he has chubby little cheeks already! And he always has his hands or arms up around his face- Cooper was exactly the same. In a few weeks I'll start doing non-stress tests twice a week to track the baby's wellness in the womb more closely. It's starting to get to the time when I feel like I'm in the Dr. office a lot, but I'm also grateful for the reassurance each visit!

Last time the ultrasound pics were a bit hard to understand, so I labeled this one to help:


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