Thursday, June 4, 2009

Conner is Home!!

As I've edited these, I've decided they speak for themselves. They bring tears to my eyes and smiles to my face- a GREAT day!

After the airport, we traveled to Lundyn and Josh's for a BBQ and chance to relax better. I was impressed again that Conner has been such an honorable missionary. He followed the mission rules perfectly and received the protection and success that he knew would come from that. His mission broke their previous baptism record in just the month before he left and he was able to be part of two of them- what great icing! He was also still comfortable and easy going to be around and even ventured to try a hand at Guitar Hero before we all left. We are so proud of you Conner and can't wait to spend more time with you this summer!
P.S. I've also decided yet again that we have the greatest parents- it's worth noting that my Mom and Dad have been such amazing support for Conner while he's been gone. They have sent him things even before he knew he needed or wanted them. They have been able to say what he needed to hear just when he needed it. I remember writing him once and telling him, "You do realize that Mom has you on the brain literally 80% of the time?" :) I know that really has been true for them- they rock. :)


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