Monday, June 22, 2009

Homecoming Weekend

Even though I'm a bit behind, I wanted to post some fun pics from our weekend at home for Conner's homecoming report. When we first got there and Cooper saw Conner in the kitchen, he stopped and seemed a bit hesitant. I explained to him that "Conner lives here now" and then he went right to him and was fine the whole weekend. Pretty cute.

There was a lot going on at once all weekend it seemed, but we also spent some good catch up time with Conner too. He chose a unique hymn that he likes and asked all three sisters to sing it with him as part of his report in sacrament. I don't think the four of us have ever sang all together and it ended up being a neat little addition to the day. Conner's talk was great and anyone can sense that his testimony is so powerful. It just feels good to be around him- it always has. As always, a great visit home.

Papa has decided he needs to get Cooper more interested in the motorbike than the backhoe, since "it's cheaper to run." :) I don't know if he's more interested yet, but he definetly loved the motorbike rides! I like the look on my Dad's face in this one... these two are buds.

I love every time Quincy and Cooper are together- it's so fun to see cousins play and I'm not sure these two could get any cuter. :)

My cousins Kelly and Cody also returned from missions recently and this was a fun pic with their Dad's, my uncles, and them. These Dads should all be awfully proud for sure.

Coop and Quince ready for church...

This is Cooper's favorite spot at Grammie and Papa's house- he loves to play on these bottom few stairs.

Playing cars on the floor with Papa...

It finally warmed up on Sunday afternoon enough to let the kids play in Grammies pool. I think little kids in just diapers are so cute!


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