Monday, June 29, 2009

We Live in a Cool Place...

The small towns of Hazelton and Eden, where we live ourselves, and the outer area of Hunt, are most often referred to as "Valley," as though the whole area was one town. If we tell people we're from Valley, they know what we mean and it doesn't seem to matter if it's actually Hunt, Eden or Hazelton. There's something I rather like about that- makes it more country I guess... Anyhow, Valley puts on an Independence Day celebration during the weekend before the actual fourth of July each year. There is a parade, carnival and fireworks- pretty big goings on for a small town if you ask me!
Just as the parade started, a little girl on a bike plowed into another girl sitting not too far from us and then into Cooper! Nothing like a front tire in the gut to ruin the fun... He got over it pretty quick and was really into collecting candy off the road by the time the parade was over- Stephen wasn't about to just let him watch from the sidelines and not get into the thick of it :) In the meantime of the bike accident, I personally missed seeing new cub scout Nathaniel riding in the parade! I was bummed because he was so excited! Oh well, no doubt they have one and that certainly matters more! :)

Probably Coop's favorite part of the whole parade was the old style tractors- he just stared and pointed as they went by! And turned to make sure I as just as excited as he was, of course :)

Our very favorite part was the fireworks- they were great for a small town! Cooper did awesome through them- just sat on my lap and leaned his head back to watch. He kept pointing out the bright colors- green, blue, red. :)
Nothing like fireworks, friends and family to make us grateful for our country and the cool place we live. We knew when we first saw our house in Eden that this was where we were supposed to be and it's so nice to so often have simple things that reaffirm us of that. We are so grateful for our small town lifestyle, for being surrounded by good people, and for our country's freedoms that make it all possible. :)


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