Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life with Two, so far

I've been wanting to update our blog for quite awhile, but somehow whenever I sit down at the computer, my previously asleep newborn wakes up or my otherwise content toddler needs my attention... and they are more important. :) We are adjusting to life with two little one's and loving it. I am loving having a baby again and trying to soak it up knowing that this is it. Despite those times that will eventually be old hat but are overwhelming for now, I feel overall that life is so, so good. We are so very blessed, not with monetary things, but with the joy and gift of raising a family. The moments of everyday are miraculous and priceless... Here's just some recent pics of baby Ryder and our family.

We got to spend this last weekend visiting my parents and got some fun pics there. Cooper was frothing at the bit to go to Grammie and Papa's- he's been asking for a long time now. He got in several motorbike and backhoe rides and loved the change of toys :)


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