Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Month Already

It is so hard to believe that our Ryder is already one month old. He is getting bigger all the time- it's sure bittersweet how fast they grow. He isn't quite smiling yet, but on occasion seems pretty close.

A few Ryderisms:
He is really quite strong and tries hard to hold his head, his build in general is pretty solid.
He makes the cutest sound either before or after he sneezes, sounds almost like he's saying "ooh."
His hair seems to want to stick up on top and I like to try and comb it into a sort of fin :) Most days I end up deciding it looks too girly though.
He is so deliciously cuddly- I have to force myself to lie him down when he's asleep because he is just so fun to hold and snuggle (such is the joy of a baby) :)
He searches for my thumb to hold onto while he's nursing- I love this little attachment.
Reading Coop's Brother of Jared book to him while holding the baby... me and my boys :)


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