Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Lights at Temple Square

This last weekend we traveled to Salt Lake to meet up with Stephen's family and spend the weekend together, specifically visiting Temple Square to see the lights. This trip was a gift from my amazing in-laws- we stayed overnight in a hotel, where all the kids swam and swam some more. Temple Square itself ended up being awfully crowded Saturday night, but it was enjoyable none the less. Nothing like spending the weekend before Christmas in a big city to reaffirm that we are country mice!

Stephen caught me off guard with this pic (obviously)... I kept little Ryder warm by wearing him in my baby pack, wrapping a thick blanket around him and wearing Stephen's coat, zipping it around him! It was so warm and fun! I love, love, love wearing my baby- beats a stroller by a long shot.

I had been telling Cooper about the Christus statue that we would see on this trip and he loved it! He also sat on Stephen's shoulders during the Nativity presentation on the grounds and watched intently. Stephen actually tied a rope around him like a leash just before we headed out of the parking lot and that was a brilliant idea! In the crushing amount of people, there would have been no other way to keep track of our busy little dude!

Thank You and thank you again, Bruce and Janie. This was a very thoughtful and meaningful gift- we really enjoy times that we all get to be together- they are too rare! We LOVE you!!


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