Friday, January 1, 2010

'Rich Blessings are in Store'

Happy New Year! Last night we had some friends over for a party at our house- they made it a fun night. We learned a new card game and got to know everyone better- we are blessed with good people in our life that make for good times!

Coop helped clean up his room yesterday by stacking and arranging lots of his other toys on top of the road rug he got for Christmas. Don't think he's quite gotten how the road rug works- it's just a spot to put stuff still. :) He's so proud of the piles he makes lately!
Ryder in his adorable new warm hat from our great friend Monica- isn't it so, so cute!?! I can't wait to have him wear it outside! She is a really talented crocheter! (Is that a word?) :) Thank You, Monch, for always thinking of us and our kids!

Our midnight countdown turned in to a snowball fight! We're all pretty stoked to have new snow around here. One of our friends brought some fireworks and explosives of some kind that made a huge boom at midnight- we timed it perfectly!

And as for 2010, we are excited! This year we will grow our business, grow our faith, grow our security, grow our love and enjoy our family. We will make and capture memories that we will cherish at this time next year and for many years to come. We are grateful for our challenges that make us more worthy of greater blesssings. The other night as I was singing 'I am a Child of God' to the boys it struck me that indeed, 'rich blessings are in store.' We hope and pray the same for you!


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