Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing everyone a great Valentines Day- hopefully you know you are loved today and always! We are grateful for our family and friends that fill our life with love and goodness!

Just a few of the fun things that have been the "frosting" on our Valentines season:

Candy bar bouquets for Taron, Keaton and Cooper- they loved these and they turned out so cute! Crafty things that make our kids happy are my favorite things to create :) We love you boys! I found this idea here.

Kiss Jar for Josh, Lundyn and Quincy! Cooper helped with the stickers and putting candy in-this was a fun, simple project that he could help with! We love you Stuarts! To see where I got this idea, click here.

I love the idea of bag toppers and really enjoyed making these ones for treats that we delivered to some friends and neighbors! This won't be the last time I use this idea for sure :) I'm sure this is a common idea, but I first got it here.

Thanks again to all of you that make our life great- you are being thought of and loved by us today!


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