Monday, March 29, 2010

Trip to the Canyon

With the weather warmed up some again, we ventured into the Canyon for some fishing. Cooper finally got to try out his Christmas fishing pole. (After Dad fixed the damage incurred from it having been played with like a sword around the house, that is :) He actually fished for maybe a total of ten minutes, and then got distracted...

Dad kept catching little tiny fish and when he got this one that was about six inches or so, he told Cooper, "He's a Monster!" Cooper wanted so bad to touch it and played with it for most of the time we were at this spot! I know, I know, that's gross, but, it's a boys life around here, remember? ;)

I love this shot of Taron and Keaton :)

Ryder mostly hung out, tucked in his stroller- he really enjoys being outside. Glad I had him to keep me from being too awfully bored!

Awesome Dad and husband :) He's mine.

Taron and Stephen fly fishing side by side- these are proud moments for Stephen! Taron got frustrated at only catching moss, but he really was doing great and gets the hang of it better each time he tries. More to come through the summer no doubt :)

Keaton took over Coop's fishing pole and proceeded to catch moss as well. :) He eventually joined Cooper in playing with the little fish. More than anything we were just happy to be outside and down in the Canyon. There's just something we love about the Snake River Canyon.


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