Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Spring Faces

We are loving the warm weather around here! This one below of them is so classic- Coop being a cheese and Ryder happy as happy. Kids rock :)

This is our awesome neighbor, Lynn. He and his wife Gail, and thier daughter Kyla, are the best people ever to live next door to! They surely get tired of my calling in need of a cup of this or a few teaspoons of that. We love these great people!

Ry in a play cowboy hat- we never get enough of that full face smile!

His first time in the bath chair- he loves it! My sister nabbed this up for me and it has been a great baby tool.

I can hardly believe he's old enough for this- actually swinging on the tire swing himself! I love having a tire swing hanging in our backyard. Makes me feel a little more American or something.... (I know, I know, I'm wierd) :)

One of my fav recent pics of my Coop- he loves playing in the flour bucket! I don't let him too often, but sometimes, hey whatever!


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