Monday, May 3, 2010

What FHE Looks Like at our House

.... a cool, windy picnic down at Cauldron Linn in the Snake River Canyon. Last Monday we packed a peanut butter sandwich dinner and spent some time just enjoying each other and this cool area we live.

I remember when I was young my Mom saying something to our neighbors about not feeling like our family did very well at having family home evening. The neighbor chuckled and said, "What are you talkin' about?! You guys have family home evening every day!" So true and I hope our neighbors can say the same someday!

Mom and Ryder hanging out... I rather like these pictures.

An outdoor kid all the way...

These muddy shoes are a testament that we have an awesome Dad! Stephen dropped his own pole and rushed to grab Cooper's as he was getting a bite, crashing in he slippery mud in the process! Needless to say that was the "closing prayer." ;)


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