Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boys and Crafts and More

See that little love?... He's looking at me :)

Orange buttercream frosting with choclate fudge cupcakes- yum! Made these for Coop's birthday and then again later that week to take with a meal to a lady I visit teach. This frosting is one of my new favs! Get the recipe here.

Some fun, colorful little notepads I made for our friend Nathaniel as part of his birthday gift. Little crafts like these are so fun to make- I love how simple and bright they are! I got the idea here.

Ryder is most content these days when he has a golf ball in his hands- funny huh? :) I guess it's just the perfect size for him to grip around and has a fun texture. At one time it was my hairbrush that he most wanted to hold, so I'm glad for this switch! :)

Dad on the tramp= Taron and Keaton are the coolest friends ever. A few of the boys in the neighborhood have been showing up in our backyard to play while the boys have been with us lately and it's been really fun! Stephen recently got on with them and showed them some sweet moves ;) Notice Cooper in the thick on there? Ya, as soon as this picture was snapped, I quickly came to the rescue and found an alternative activity for the little guy!

Twelve year old Taron teaches himself to tie his tie after only two tries... say that twice fast! You rock Taron :)



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