Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cooper Conner Is THREE!

Last Sunday our Cooper Conner turned three! I can already hardly believe- wow, how time flies! I thought it went fast before I was a Mom and now, it is heartwrenching how quick it seems to be! He is so fun right now- spunky, bold personality and loving heart...

He has a bird obsession going on right now and even though I don't like to feed it too much, I figured his birthday was an exception :) He got to open this adorable stuffed pigeon first thing that morning.

After church, we had both sets of Grandparents and some good friends over for a bbq and mini-party. I made this pinata and it was the treasure in a treasure hunt for the kids! It was actually really sturdy! I will definetly try one again. I got the idea and instructions here.

Grammie and Grandpa Huffaker sent Coop this great sand and water table in the mail- what a fun treat for him! He is loving playing with it and making a big huge mess :) And...

Playing in the box itself of course! :)

Opening presents that afternoon from our friends- he loves Buzz and Woody right now. We are excited for a "date with Mommy" when the third one comes out!

This scooter is from Dad and Mom. He's already gotten pretty good at it! He practiced in out kitchen and now can turn around in our driveway and stop himself well enough- it will be a fun toy for the summer!

This little kennel was snatched up at D.I.- Stephen knew the moment he saw it that Coop would love it and he sure does! A rather significant portion of our days are spent finding new kennels or birdhouses for Coop to stash his toys (anything works!) and this one is his definite fav now!



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