Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally Summer... for the day at least

Yesterday was an 85-degree day around here and boy did we take advantage of it! The neighbor friends came over, the sprinkler got tossed under the tramp and the popsicles were ripped open! Summer is here... Finally :)

Eating sand... makes me cringe but I couldn't stop him in time! And, oh my goodness, is he not the sweetest little guy ever? I love this pic...

Coop finds a hole in the hose...

Stephen took over and sprayed the kids down... love thier big smiles!

And now it's Cooper's turn to torment the brothers... they are good sports and he loves being in the thick of things with them!

Today it's partly cloudy and cooler with chances of rain again... good thing we took what we could get!

P.S. Have I mentioned recently that I love following my kids around with the camera? :)


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