Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water Gun Targets!

After getting sprayed time and again whenever Cooper is playing with his water gun in the backyard, I had the thought to try making some targets he could aim for instead! He's a bird nut, of course, so I found some free clip art of hunting birds and photoshopped some more typical target shapes too. To finish them off, I borrowed my friend's laminating machine- thanks Monch!

I wanted to attach them to something moveable but also sturdy for playing with in the backyard. I wanted to be able to set them up in different ways each time we played with them. I decided to dip into the huge stack of old buckets that Stephen uses on cleaning jobs. Other things that might work would be cardboard boxes, milk jugs full of water, a dowel stuck into the ground- anything you have lying around!

So far we've played with them most on the tramp- I put them all around on top of things about the same level (like the tire swing below!). Then Ryder and I sat in the middle while Cooper played "Mr. Fox"- he bounces around the edge asking "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox what time is it?" and then I would respond with "Time to... shoot the duck" (or whatever target I chose at the time). I had a gun too and we would both shoot as fast as we could- it really was fun!

Gosh I love having boys- they are so fun and full of energy! I'm excited to try new ways to use these- they really are holding up great even with all the water we've shot at them! Stephen recommended we trying hanging them from the tree branches- we'll have to try that for sure! The pictures could be of whatever kids might like shooting at- tigers, monsters, big game animals, etc.

Sharing this post as part of What are Little Boys Made Of? at 733... a creative blog this week :) I enjoy visiting these ideas each week and hopefully someone else out there will find this one fun too!


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