Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Heart Cupcakes!

This last spring I learned that I was terrible at frosting cupcakes. After piping and then swiping all but two or three of about two dozen cupcakes, my new favorite kitchen hobby began. They are just so fun and so endless! Gel food coloring, silver frosting tips and fun paper baking cups are my new cardstock and letter stickers. I love making and sharing cupcakes and finding and trying recipes. I'm still learning how to make them really yummy and pretty and it's so fun! Thought I would share a few on here...

Homemade red velvet... which I learned in the process of finding a recipe is actually red devil's food- who knew? And isn't this the cutest cupcake presentation? I love cello bags and putting the cupcake in a cup makes it possible to use one for giving away cupcakes! I got this idea here and love how they used a tag out the top!

Cookies and Cream cupcakes- Coop loves oreos so I thought he would like these, but he actually ended up being sad that I crushed all the cookies up! These are fun cause they have an oreo wafer on the bottom :)

Peanut butter with choclate buttercream. These were a hit with Stephen! I got both of these recipes at Frosted Happy Cupcakes, a super cute cupcake blog.

And these are cake pops. I saw these on Bakerella quite awhile ago and have wanted to make them since but needed to have all the stars align first :) And now that I've made them... I'm officially sticking to cupcakes! How do they not end up flat on the tops exactly? Hmm... But I did package one upside down for our friend John and he enjoyed it- they do taste yummy, just aren't very practical in my world for sure!
My very favorite cake and frosting combination is still choclate with orange buttercream- for the link to that recipe click to this post. Now let's go make some cupcakes... (well, maybe tomorrow...) :)


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