Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Tis the Season: Bucs and Bills

This last weekend we got to travel to Pocatello for both Taron and Keaton's first football games. They were both excited and seemed to have a good time being part of their teams. It's clear that city football is the heartbeat of Pocatello weekends, so we're glad they are part of that.

Keaton's team is the Buffalo Bills and he is a great addition! I was so heartwarmed as I watched him help a hurt kid up off the field and walk with him to the sideline. It seems Keaton is sure in his element out there in the pads pushing the other team back!

And this is Taron's third season as a wide receiver on his team, the Bucaneers. He does a lot of running and is a great sport!
This is the first football season that both Cooper and Ryder are big enough to actually enjoy the games and not be too difficult to keep happy in the process, so I'm actually quite excited to be part of it all. Good Luck through the rest of the season, boys! We are proud of you!



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