Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Month in Review

Yet again I am behind, but I am sitting down today to get caught up and am really hoping to stay that way! Here's a few pics of our last month or so:

Cooper playing grocery store- he loved this and its a good boredom buster right now!

Stephen bundled the boys up in their towels after the bath- such little men!
 A recent visit to Grandma and Grandpa's- Cooper could move in there no doubt!

Monica and I at a local craft fair we participate in earlier this month. Our booth looked awesome thanks to Stephen's help!

The boys loved making my leaf raking a harder chore than it should have been! ;) It was fun to watch them play in the leaves...

 ... only to have it snow on my piles a couple of days later! Like anywhere else in Idaho right now, we are basically snowbound right now- but we love it! I love the white of winter...



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