Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home and Family

Just a few shots of our everyday comings and goings lately... I am so grateful to be home and enjoying my boys! Above they are sporting their "Indians," some fun little headbands I made for them with pheasant feathers! Ryder is trying to copy Cooper doing the "wah, wah, wah" sound over his mouth. My own little Lost Boys :)

A beautiful batch of homemade bread! Yum!

 Sweet Ryder in my slippers! He loves clomping arond in big shoes :)

Stephen just after a really successful flight- doesn't he look so genuinely happy? He loves it when we all go out flying with him and lately we have been a bit more than usual just to get the boys outside some. We love that we live so close to the dessert and it's no big deal to venture out!

The boys splashing (and making a wet mess, but I didn't care- look at those happy faces!)

 Ryder is the kissiest boy ever! Here he's giving me a love just after coming in from outside...

We also spent a great weekend at Home earlier this month for Conner and Jodie's final reception. It was so fun to see people I haven't seen in a really long time that came to suppor them! It was a full night- Jodie and family ran off the road into the snow and we had to "get the bride to the church on time," then Stephen turned around to go pull the car out! It was so fun to be with my entire family for a couple of days and without a doubt my parent's is one of our very favorite places on earth...

 Cooper loved Grandpa's "telescope" that aims to the mountain just  behind them. And below, check out what Stephen found through it just before we left!

Cooper and Quincy played awesome together- aren't they about the cutest thing ever? :)

 We briefly celebrated both Quincy and Cyndel's recent birthdays too... I love these two sweet girls!

 I also got to play photographer (kinda) for a quick family pic of us all! We've tried several times now to make this happen and it hasn't seemed to work out, so hopefully these ones will- I am happy with how they turned out! It was fun to get in hats and coats rather than worry about what we are all wearing. Cooper was doing the farthest thing from cooperating however, so our best family pic turned out like this...

 Like my Dad said, "At least we have one that we all look the same" with everyone fake crying! Other than Ryder, who is wondering what on earth... :) I'm a particular fan of Taron's expression! Good times, good times!



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