Monday, January 24, 2011

It Goes Without Saying

So, it probably goes without saying that I love the Valentines season! I love a holliday that gives me an excuse to tell friends and family they are loved and thought of in fun and creative ways :) I remember as a kid loving making boxes to receive valentine cards in and even moreso loving labeling little cards for my classmates! Don't you remember exchanging Valentines in school?! Anyhow, I wanted Cooper to be able to get a taste of that same excitement, so I turned a USPS Priority Mail box into a fun little Valentines Box for him...

Fun, eh? :) If I had a girl, lace and flowers and hearts and glitter would abound, but I was happy with this masculine version too. ;) I turned it on one side and then did some cutting and taping to get the open and close effect. He wanted to play it with it before the glitter even dried! :) This has already gotten some good mileage around here. I plan to leave him little suprises over the next couple of weeks until Valentines :) Ryder and all the rest of us have a smaller, more typical style mailbox that he can leave little notes and pictures he colors in for us!

To give him something to play with in the boxes, I very quickly designed these fun little Valentines...  

I printed them on cardstock and cut them out, then he colored small size envelopes to put each one in to "deliver". I didn't spend a lot of time on these at all, but if you have a kid that would enjoy them too, you can click on the images, then right click and Save, or click the link below to download and use them yourself!

Happy Valentines all, and as you might have guessed... it probably won't be the last time I say that here ;)

Will try sharing this post this week at Someday Crafts, Not Just a Housewife and What Are Little Boys Made Of?



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