Monday, January 10, 2011

Thirty Before 30

This fall I'll be turning 30! Yikes- for some reason I am more anxious than I'm sure I've ever been over any age change before.
Thirty- that means that I better start making of myself who I want to really be or it won't matter when I do! I saw an idea awhile back that really sunk in with me and I've been working on it for myself since...
Thirty Before 30! A list of 30 things to do within the next 9 months (I'm quite sure I'll be fudging and giving myself the year) :) Thought I would share a few of them here...

 1. Sleep through a night
 2. Go on an overnight getaway with Stephen (see #1)
 3. Sew curtains for the front room
 4. Sew a backpack for Coop, a skirt, an apron...Just sew more!
 5. Become coupon savvy
 6. Start and grow a design business on the side
 7. Make and store strawberry freezer jam
 8. Get a new family photo taken
 9. Fill a ward temple assignment
10. Plant a garden
11. Get new carpet! (this ones a stretch...)
12. Make carrot cake from scratch
13. Ride with Cooper on his own bike to the park
14. Host a backyard BBQ
15. Master homemade whole wheat bread
16. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
17. Particpate in Time Out for Women
18. Take family photos for someone else
19. Go to a hockey game
20. Watch fireworks

Also, remember last year when I chose a Word of the Year?
I've thought about it for a long while now and for 2011, it's gotta be...

Effort... this year I'd like to do better at putting effort toward things I can affect.
Things that I acknowledge I'd like to improve in myself and our way of life. Instead of merely acknowledging, I hope to actually make efforts that will result in improvements. Being a better housekeeper? I can do that! Dealing better with stress? I really can try to do that!
Carry on 2011... Even if I won't be young anymore when it's over,
this is going to be a good year! :)


P.S, In reference to #6, check out my new little venture... Click HERE!


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