Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sky Trials and the News

 This last weekend we loaded up and traveled south for Stephen to compete in the Utah Sky Trials. Falconers bring their birds to see whose flies the highest. It's actually a fun time that we get to see friends we don't usually see any other time of the year. It was pretty exciting to hope Stephen's bird, Chloe, flew well!

Ryder was so happy to be outside so much, even though it was quite cold! 
Walking out with Taron to compete. Cooper and Ryder both starting toddling right behind them, just like they do when we go flying with Stephen here at home. Stephen could only have one person out with him and they just couldn't understand why they couldn't go too!

Ended up being a fun trip- Chloe did really well, though not in the top three. Lots of birds didn't fly at all so his was great! He actually had someone walk directly up to him just after the flight and ask him if she was for sale! :) We are proud of you, Stephen! Your first place with us ;) Not too many more flights and the birds will be done flying for the season- and that's another day to cheer for in my book!

And in other news.... As soon as we got home, I turned around and did my first interview and article as a news correspondent for our local newpaper, the Times News! I'm now writing from home when the paper has stories that they can't cover with staff reporters. About the most ideal job ever for me right now! I admit it was pretty fun to see my first story on the front page yesterday...



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