Friday, February 4, 2011

When Dad's Away...

... Mom and the  boys play! At least once each month Stephen is in Nevada working for two- four days at a time. While he's gone, I try even harder to keep the boys entertained! One of Coop's favorite things to do while Dad is gone is to make cupcakes to give him when he gets back. I love THIS Vanilla Cupcakes recipe. It only makes 12 (24 is too many around here- a bunch end up wasted) and the boys love them! Can you tell ? :)

Another fav activity is painting. Cooper could paint everyday! Last time Stephen was gone, I painted their hands with white acrylic paint and then they pressed against red and pink papers to create handprint hearts! They were intended for Valentines cards, but I put my two favorites into frames for my shelf- I love how these turned out- so cute! Both of the boys loved having their hands painted!

And thanks to Curious George, Cooper loves vaccuuming with this handheld vaccuum! I told him my Dad gave me this as a Christmas gift before I was even married to Stephen     and Cooper now thinks it was a gift from Grandpa to him! :) Makes me smile... He especially loves when I sweep and then let him vaccuum up the pile- suction powered dustpan!

Hope anyone reading has a great weekend!



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