Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why It Was Fantastic

Before it's old news, I thought I'd share a peek into what made our Valentines Day so "fantastic" (according to Cooper)!

Stephen got "showered with love" Valentines morning! I cut hearts out of newsprint and wrote on each one a special note or compliment. Then strung them down several strands of raffia and attached them to our showerhead.

I was feeling bad the night before that I had nothing for him and remembered how the first Valentines Day we were married I decorated his truck with similar heart notes. It was time to re-visit the concept since our life has been added to and changed quite a lot since then! Every now and then I actually do have an original idea. ;)

You know what- this guy still makes me happy! I LOVE YOU, Stephen! 

Cooper and Ryder woke up Valentines morning to these fun little knapsacks! I had so much fun sewing them and think they turned out adorable! I followed this tutorial. Coop got some brush paints inside his and Ryder got a big, fun balloon- how I appreciate their simple desires!

I totally love making things for my boys no matter what, but I have to admit it does me good when they actually like what I make! So this...

 ... puts a big 'ole smile on this Mommy's face! :) And Ryder... well, I didn't expect him to like his too much. :) Look at that happy face- gosh I am a BLESSED Mom! Melts my heart- he is mine!

We didn't get to see Taron and Keaton Valentines Day, but gave them their treats last weekend. These were the toppers for their goodie bags!

Certainly the favorite part of the day was getting not one but TWO packages in the mail from Grandparents, both Grammie Colleen and Gpa Dale, and Great Gma and Gpa Waddoups. I have no doubt that my love for Valentines comes from my Grandma Karen. We are BLESSED to still have this amazing, thoughtful lady in our lives and I pray my boys can fathom how special it really is to get a package from her! Candy bracelets, Reese's hearts, vibrating ladybugs, and more- fantastic indeed.

 THANK YOU to my parents and Grandparents for adding so much to their day! They LOVE you and know that you love them!

Then we spent the day making, decorating and delivering cupcakes to our friends, neighbors and Kevin the postmaster. :)

I noticed as I scrolled down through facebook posts earlier today how so many people actually dislike Valentines and complained of how commercial it is. Made me sad for them. Yes, I love these same people everyday, but I enjoy a special time that gives me reason to share that even more. Also made me grateful that I got a crafty streak from my Mom (and Dad too ;), that I enjoy making things to show my love. I am so grateful for the simple goodness of our life and the awesome, selfless people who make it that way!



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