Monday, March 7, 2011

Meaningful Monday: 18 months

Meaningful to me this week: my baby is 18 months old.
He's actually well on his way to 19 months already.

He says Dad, Mom, Shoes, ball, bath, wee, out, up, off, Peps (for Pepsi), Sus (for Jesus)... and is getting more words, more clearly every day it seems.

He still likes balls and gets excited when he sees balloons at Dollar Tree.

He loves to be outside and begs to have his coat put on even when we aren't going out.

Anywhere can be a seat- the bottom of the fridge is a fav!

He's a menace boy! He thinks the toilet is a treasure box and loves lifting the lid to drop things in, then closing the lid on them again. He is a professional toilet paper un-roller.

He drinks from a cup and saves the last little bit just so he can dump it on the floor on purpose.

These shoes are a big deal! They are worn hand-me-downs from Cooper that he found on his own in the closet. Ever since he can hardly stand to be without them.

He loves peek-a-boo and being chased around the rocking chair.

He likes putting lids on and off of things. He enjoys things that go inside of one another. He's not so much in to books yet, but I still try reading to him.

He thinks Cooper hangs the moon. He follows him like a shadow and wants to be doing whatever he is doing. He loves when Taron and Keaton are around and gets so excited to see them! He is almost always happy to cuddle with them.

He is mostly content, happy to explore and discover. He hates when I'm on the computer. He loves helping me with anything in the kitchen.

He loves music and is immediately happier when I sing to him. He's a dancer for sure! Anytime he hears music, he starts to move.

As always, I just want to shout for time to slow down! Not stop necessarily, since I confess there are moments I'll be greateful are past as he gets older- this is a needy age. But, oh how I wish I could know I was really soaking him in to the fullest. I want for him always to be so cuddly, so quick, so calm. I pray happiness for you, my sweet Ryder. You are forever my baby.



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