Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stinkin' Cute Shabby Shoelaces!

I recently saw the cutest shoelace idea on a fun new blog called Sara vs. Sarah! Sometimes I see ideas that just stick and a green light comes on in my head. This was one of those and I almost immediately set to work to make Coop a pair of his own!

Boy did this project make me wish I had a serger! (I'm going to learn how to use my Mom's old one before too long hopefully!) Since I've thought of a different way to do it to keep them from fraying... Anyhow, aren't they about the cutest thing ever?! Perfect for riding bikes...

Jumping on the tramp... just being a boy :)

My favorite part- Cooper loves showing them off! He happily displayed them across the fence to our neighbor and to Grandma Janie. Love love love, projects that can be called CUTE but are still do-able for boys! Will be making more of these no doubt... Thanks Sara vs. Sarah for a great idea and a fun new blog find!


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