Monday, April 11, 2011

Meaningful Monday: Be and Do

Of all the Conference talks that I wanted to look up this last week, there was one that I knew would be first .... I really enjoyed reading through this and am excited to do it a few more times to really get my head wrapped around the ways I can put this advice into action! Here I copied a few snippets, mingled by some pics of the reasons I  care;) Hope everyone's having a great Monday!

"Be without do really isn’t being—it is self-deception, believing oneself to be good merely because one’s intentions are good.
Do without be—hypocrisy—portrays a false image to others, while bewithout do portrays a false image to oneself."

"Many of us create to do lists to remind us of things we want to accomplish. But people rarely have to be lists. Why? To do’s are activities or events that can be checked off the list when done. To be, however, is never done. You can’t earn checkmarks with to be’s."

"Or as a parent, when can I check a child off my list as done? We are never done being good parents. And to be good parents, one of the most important things we can teach our children is how to be more like the Savior."

"In helping children discover who they are and helping strengthen their self-worth, we can appropriately compliment their achievement or behavior—the do. But it would be even wiser to focus our primary praise on their character and beliefs—who they are.
When we ask children to do chores, we can also look for ways to compliment them on being, such as, “It makes me so happy when you do your chores with a willing heart.”


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