Friday, May 6, 2011

On Being a Boy Mama

Thinking lately (with Mother's Day on the brain) about being a Mom, a Mom to boys. I remember sitting in high school and doodling on my notes the words Rebekah Sky. I love that name spelled like that- I had every intention of one day naming my daughter Rebekah Sky. I'm Sky Colleen after my own Mom and my first daughter would be named after me.When Stephen and I first decided we would try to have a baby, I bought a small terrycloth bib with pink ruffly trim and pink words that said "I Love Daddy." I love the idea of tea parties and helping a little girl dress up in big hats and over-sized high heels.Or of late night talks when she would get dropped off from a date or girls nights when she hadn't been asked.

OK, cue that scratchy record interruption sound... because there might not be a little girl in adorable ponytails running around in homemade tutus, but there is stuff like this...

This white rectangle thing with dots is a phone, of course...

Knocking stuff over = awesome!

 Digging in dirt with no regard for the mess = equally awesome.

Sweet hat hair = Oh Yeah!
(said in a Vector from Despicable Me voice)

 Big juicy worm and a hoodie pocket for keeping it in =
the king of all awesomeness!

Ya know what, I caught a wasp for Cooper this morning in the front yard after several attempts with a mesh net- and it was totally rad! I was as excited as he was... well, in that initial moment anyway... thrilled "Thank Yous" would continue for the next half hour :) As grand as tea parties and dress up? No question.

And actually, I do still do tea parties I suppose... they're just actually muffin tin picnics in the backyard or inside a fort made out of our trusty white sheet in the living room. And dress up- for sure! It's just Batman masks and army helmets and plastic feathers strung through headbands to be Indians instead of high heels and flowery hats.

Late night talks... indeed, just that he'll be driving home instead of getting dropped off. I appreciate that it will be him with a larger span of control, actually. And Cooper did announce the other day that when he grows up he wants to marry me, so maybe he'll be the one opting not to ask anyone ;)

How do I feel about being a Boy Mama? One thing's for sure... Disappointment is NOT in the list of descriptors...

Wishing any Mom who reads this a very Happy Mother's Day weekend! I've got some great projects that will be our gifts to our Moms and Grandmas to share with you- just can't until next week or it would ruin the surprise!

And PS... see the new button on my upper sidebar? I just joined a fun site called Top Mommy Blogs and when you click that button, my blog here moves up the list. I think it'll be fun to have a spot to easily connect with other bloggers- click as you leave if you can!


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