Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recent Travels

Over Mother's Day weekend, we made the rounds visiting our families. The first thing Coop asks when we tell him we're going to Grandma's is if we are staying the night or not- so he was thrilled to stay at both Grandma's in one weekend!

We enjoyed a kid-free dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Sally and my in-laws, Janie and Bruce at Red Lobster! Considering that Gma Sally has 30 (or more?) great grandchildren to share herself across, this was a real treat!

My Mom loves playing with the kids and they think she hangs the moon! While we were out at my Mom and Dad's, my sister and nieces came over too! I LOVE this pic of Quincy out on the swing:

She didn't end up having a swimsuit and Coop loves wearing this old one Taron's that stays at my Mom's, so Quincy borrowed Coops! So stinkin cute! :)

Ry thought Quincy's galoshes were the neatest thing ever!

A fun recent trip full of our favorite people!


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