Monday, June 13, 2011

Catch-up: Fruit Bars and Sewing

Thought I'd post a few pics that have been sitting in my folder waiting to be posted for awhile now... I have lots of cute recent stuff but don't have the time to upload and edit right now!

Don't those fruit bars look delish?!? They're our very favorite right now. I'm excited to try some homemade versions once our life gets settled back down, but for now, this box at Costco is awesome!

You think the boys and their cute friend Stella are satisfied? :) And, no, I didn't braid her hair while she was over. ;)  So fun taking pics of kids and popsicles! Love these ones of the boys below...

Also thought I'd share the cute little sunglasses case I whipped up not too long ago- I love the ruffles on this and knew as soon as I saw it at Positively Splendid it was something I wanted to sew! It's actually the first thing I've sewn with a lining and I learned a lot doing it, simple as it may be! Obviously, it's not perfect, but cute nonetheless! 

I'd like to do a few more of these to improve enough to maybe sew myself a purse! I wasn't too happy with the combination of fabrics I used either- oh well, it's been very useful at any rate!


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