Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Camp

This last weekend we joined Stephen's family up Scout Mountain for the day. When we don't have to travel nearly so far, it's a lot nicer to get in on impromptu family get togethers. The boys had a grand time riding bikes back and forth on the road, trying to catch squirrels and bugs with their cousins and roasting marshmallows.

Uncle Ryan, whom Ryder is named after, was the life of the party with the kids! Cooper loved all his teasing! I love the pic above of Ryder, Ryan and my pretty little niece Abby. She put on several dancing and singing mini-shows for us through the day :)

Ry and our nephew Brandon hit it off! Ryder loved sharing his cars and chips with him :)

I realize I have far too few pics of Stephen's side of the family here on the blog, so I was glad to get the camera pulled out while we were there! Nice to be able to get the camping experience without even nearly so much work as an over-nighter! 


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