Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Full Fourth!

What a full, fun day our Fourth end up being this year! We went to the parade in Pocatello then came back home to spend the rest of the day here. Taron had been with us all weekend and Keaton came to spend the day. We had this awesome watermelon with dinner- doesn't the pic even look good enough to eat! :)

While Stephen took the older boys to the archery range to shoot, I stayed home and made these fun toilet paper tube firecrackers while Ry napped! They were simple and turned out cute- Coop passed them out to his cousins while we waited for fireworks.

We stopped by Jensen's Grove before heading back to Pocatello for fireworks and let the kids swim around. Already this is a spot that we really love!

We went to a really great spot above Pocatello to watch the fireworks show. Stephen's dad was in town from Missouri with his three half brothers, Mike, Chris and Andy. Trying to take pictures of this group of course didn't stay serious for long at all!

They all got my sisters in law and I laughing trying to take pics for sure!

We loved being surrounded by family for the fireworks. For the past several years it's been just us sitting around CSI in Twin Falls and this felt much better!


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