Friday, July 29, 2011

Noteworthy Dumbledore

Last weekend my sister graciously watched the boys while Stephen and I
went to a matinee of the final Harry Potter.

This story and I have a relationship, I confess.
Or maybe better said, a history.
I worked at a bookstore when Goblet of Fire came out and
remember dressing up in a fabulous, tall, pointy hat with
sparkles and stars and ribbons to paint kids faces the day it was released.
I read each of the last several books while
sitting on the beach at Redfish.
I painted lightning bolts on Conner and Cyndel's foreheads
to go watch the first movie with them.
Conner had made us each a wand. :)

I love that LOVE is at the center of the story and I absolutely cried during this final movie. I also picked up this Dumbledore quote that really struck me and I knew immediately I wanted to make a printable to share!

"Words, in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have."
Love that... applies to the real world too, eh? :)

And this second one I whipped up mainly thinking of Taron- he came back from the movie with his Grandparents and had remembered it just to share! I used the colors from the color palette #1 at The Letter Four- a great new blog I've been enjoying!

I enjoyed creating these- thinking about Harry Potter and the memories I have of both the books and movies. I think I may have to pack a book or two with me on our upcoming camping trips- would be fun to read again now!

As always, you can click on the images then right click and save to print, OR click these links below! Enjoy!


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