Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water, Worms and Dusk...

Recently our nephew Zachary stayed overnight for some fun cousin time... and boy dig they soak it up! I love these pictures I got as I followed them around tormenting each other with the hose and playing out in the pasture while it was being irrigated...

Bum crackery! :)

They were so thrilled to try and catch frogs in the irrigation water (disgusting, yes, I know, but I lost that battle, obviously...) but they ended up gathering worms more than finding frogs! Wow, it really is a boys life around here! Check out my sweet boots too :)

Did I already use the word disgusting? Ya, ummm... gross with a Capital G then... But they all thought this huge handful of slime was completely awesome... :)

I love these pics of Coop and Ry! Love that they capture who they are and what their little lives look like right now in the beautiful dusk light... bum crack and all.

Country life rocks :)


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