Friday, August 12, 2011

Bold Colored "Frosting"

 This last week I've been having fun braiding these fun headbands to put in my sister's and nieces tree mail this next week! Hopefully they don't see this post before then :) I can't wait to see these on my little nieces! I followed Mandy's great tutorial at SugarBee Crafts! And decided I get along better with my sewing machine than my glue gun... :) But they turned out really cute no matter what!!

When I got them all done and looked down at the pile of braids, I realized they would work great for this week's photography challenge submission: bold colors! Aren't all these colors fun? I tried several modes on my camera and got a bit of practice with both shutter and aperture priority modes. :) I'm still so far from understanding it all like I want to- good thing there's still many more week's to come!

For anyone interested, check out
Laura Beth posted as part of this week's challenge!
I LOVE this- so helpful and cute too!
Pinterest Rocks :) 

And some more "frosting" from the week just because:

Cooper's horns are held up using another braided headband
I made recently from a tutorial at Make It and Love It
Maybe not what I had in mind, but so be it!
Love these silly sweet boys!


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