Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buffats Rock Island Park!

Ya know what I was thinking as we packed, drove and tried to be comfortable on our camping trip last week? Honestly, I was wondering if this was really something I even enjoy anymore... I've grown up camping, I love the outdoors and I love camping... right?

I think at this point I've decided that, like my Mother-in-Law said, it's about creating memories for our boys, making it so that they can say they grew up camping. It's a lot of work and stress for me now, but they will look back and remember it like I do- flawless, and pure fun.

This next week we're headed to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains, one of my very favorite places on earth, a place that holds a significant piece of real estate in my childhood and my memory. And we just returned from Coffeepot Campground at Island Park, a place that holds that same vivid real estate for Stephen. Wanted to make sure and get this trip posted before the next!

Oh my- one of the main highlights of the trip! This nifty toad! Grandpa Bruce found it, Dad caught it and Cooper loved it beyond belief until it escaped! Sad day, though he took it better than I thought he might!

The fishing-only fishing trip... (as in, no catching involved!) Taron and everyone around him got excited for this brief moment, but alas, for no good reason!

Floating was another highlight of the trip. And I'm pretty sure Taron and Keaton came with us on this trip, though I can't be totally sure given that they spent almost every minute with their cousins on bikes, in the river and just living it up! Keaton got an easy ride on this float, eh? :)

In the mornings when we first woke up, we went down to the riverside where it was sunny and warmer. It was so beautiful! Island Park has such serene, calm beauty at every turn. I thought this butterfly Keaton caught was so neat! It posed nicely for me while I tried some new moves with my camera, trying to effectively blur the background... or ineffectively that is!

Stephen and his brothers, along with a good friend, hit the river each evening and some early mornings to catch fish. I love the sight of all of them strung out in the water, whipping their lines around like art. Some of my very favorite men right here :)

My pretty little neice Abbey was like my own during this trip and I loved it! She, Cooper and Ryder played and played and played! One rainy afternoon, they cuddled in the tent with a movie and I thought it was so cute!

And what's all this action? When all the kids were muddling around bored, I suggested we try a water pinata! I had brought a bunch of garbage bags for this activity and was excited when they were actually all for it! I got this idea from Family Fun and have done it multiple times with Coop in our yard too- a must try before the summer's out if you never have!

Another major highlight of the trip (that I'm irritated I have no picture of!) was the "Tree Mail" my sister-in-law set up- a small fabric pocket for each person strung between two trees. We each brought small gifts of treats to put in them throughout the trip! The kids loved this and checked their "mail" several times each day! I'm in the process of getting this ready for Redfish too- hopefully my own family will enjoy it too!

And once the pockets are sewn and our truck is packed to the brim and our campsite is set up, I'm going to sit on the beach and soak in the reasons why I truly do love camping ;)


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