Monday, September 5, 2011

Looking Up

This week's photo challenge at A Step in the Journey was to
photograph from a low angle.
I had fun trying to figure out something interesting...
I laid kinda under our trampoline
and shot Cooper jumping above...
I love this one of him peeking down at me-
check those eyes!
No, he's not leaving the house once he turns 12... ;)

Then this last weekend while we were at City of Rocks camping, I took some shots looking up at Register Rock. I'm not sure this picture really captures what we really saw there- these rocks are massive and I'm looking quite a ways up there to shoot this neat, rough part as we walked around (and tried to avoid the stinging nettle!) I'll share more of our fun trip later this week :)

I thought the concept of "Looking Up" was also really fitting for our life right now.
This past week Stephen began a new job that he keeps getting more and more excited about as he gets into it. I'm so anxious for the changes it will bring to our life and the potential for more structure.

These fun pics of the boys are from not long ago when Taron and Keaton were with us before school started. It's certainly still summer around here for now! They had a blast water fighting each other, while Ry cried when he got sprayed even a little bit! :)


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