Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Safety Pin Alternative

 When I first started sewing drawstring backpacks this past spring,
I was forever frustrated when it came to
stringing the handles through the casing.
In the process, my awesome husband
came up with a clever trick for me
that has proven priceless!

Sewing tutorials are certainly not my forte,
but I thought this little trick could be helpful for
anyone reading, so I'll go ahead and share anyway :)

The only way I've seen to thread a ribbon or cord
through a casing is to pin a safety pin to one end
and then inch it through little by little.
This usually works great, but it can be quite time consuming.
So next time,
reach for some craft wire instead!

I do think that heavier wire would be the best-
had I have had something heavier than floral wire,
I would have grabbed it instead!
The heavier it is, the less likely it will be
to have any trouble getting through the casing.
A wire hanger could possibly work good too.
It will also be important to make sure
your piece of wire is long enough for your casing :)

So instead of reaching for your trusty safety pin,
reach for some wire and save yourself some time!
Not too long ago I had to make a set of five bags and,
boy did this trick save me some headache with them!
Let me know what you think if you give it a try! :)


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