Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Flashback

Last year I was in Super Saturday/ Craft Show mode around Halloween time
and didn't get our costume pics even posted!

I loved how Cooper's shark costume turned out and thought it was worth posting this year should it be useful for someone else! Tragically, this is the only decent picture I have of him as a shark, but he really did look great!

I scoured to find grey clothing, specifically a hoodie. I ended up using two different shades, but it worked great. I used the templates from Martha Stewart for the gills and eyes and cut them out of felt.
I drew my own shark tail by looking at an actual picture of one! One side of the fin was smaller and thinner than the other, along with some small "dorsal fin" pieces at the sides. I had to sew two pieces of felt together to get the length. I also put a darker shade of grey felt on top of a lighter shade and stuck cardboard between the two to get it to be a bit sturdy.
I hand drew a fin shape and Stephen cut it out on cardboard, using  four different pieces to make it dimensional. Then I used about ten or twelve sticky back velcro circles to keep it on him!
 The teeth around the hoodie are made from stiffened felt, which worked great! Cooper loved this costume- he was in heaven when the kids at our ward Halloween party let him chase them around!
I realize that's all pretty confusing without any pictures to go with it, but I know I was scrambling when it came to making a shark costume for the most part, so hopefully it will be helpful to some degree for someone!




Can you believe these little guys!
Just two years ago and they look like babies!
I guess they were, but wow its crazy to see the changes so blatantly!
Coop loved his green hair as a pumpkin :)


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